Guatemala is one of the best travel destinations in the world. It has many of the things you like, in a small place. Ancient civilizations, nature, people, relaxion, golf, deep see fishing, marine wildlife and a lot more.

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Guatemala has many interesting places to visit. Guatemala City is a modern city where you can go shopping, both modern stores and handcrafts markets, play golf, visit museums, zoos and  mayan ruins, eat, drink, party. Antigua Guatemala, less than an hour (depending of the time of the day, and where you are) Guatemala City is a beautiful colonial town, with a great view to Agua Volcano. Panajachel, known also as Pana, and the sorrounding towns will let you learn about Guatemalan traditions, people, and culture. These towns are at the side of Lake Atitlán or just Ati, one of the nicest  lakes in the world. Chichicastenango, a town full of pre-Columbian culture and one the biggest traditional markets in the region is less than 3 hours away by car. Rain-forest and cloud-forest are not that far away either, like the ones found in Cobán. And not to forget Tikal, one of the most important Mayan sites and maybe the most famous place of Guatemala (featured in Star Wars movies as the rebel base of the Massassi Outpost on the fourth moon of Yavin) and El Mirador.

Guatemala has many things to offer for different people. Here you can visit Mayan ruins thousands of years old like Tikal, Yaxha or El Mirador; Colonial cities hundreds of year old like Antigua Guatemala, do water rafting in rivers like Caabon River, volcano climbing in volcanoes like Pacaya (usually active) or Agua (water), with a great view to Antigua Guatemala, dive in the Caribbean, sail in Lago de Izabal, sight viewing and great adventures in places like Lake Atitlán, handcrafts shopping in places like Chichicastenango, also known as Chichi, fish Marlin or Sailfish or watch the whales in the Pacific Ocean, have your breasts done or your teeth. Your imagination is the limit.

Additionally there are a nice attractions for children like great water parks, ecological parks, theme parks, and a lot more for the adventure of your life in Guatemala.

Guatemala is in Central America, Just below Mexico. It has borders with El Salvador and Honduras to the east and with Mexico to the north and west. Belize border is on the northeast. Pacific Ocean is at the south. It is less than three hours away of Miami, Atlanta, Houston or Dallas on nonstop flights.

Guatemala has a great weather all year round, that is why we call our country The Land of Eternal Spring. Actually we have two season, the dry season (from mid August thru April) called Summer and the wet season (from May to mid August) called Winter. These season are not really Winter or Summer in the traditional sense. You can find direct flights or one stop flights from Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Mexico City, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Madrid and some other important cities around the globe. So, from many places in North America you are less than three hours away from the greatest adventure of a lifetime.