Famous People

Are there any famous Guatemalans?

Well, this is an interesting question, that can be answered in many ways. There is famous people for the things they have accomplished, for the money they have made, for the way that they have made their money, and so on. What this list is about is of famous Guatemalans, that I am aware of, that are known not just inside Guatemala, but also in other countries for their achievements, or just for their fame. Any suggestions are welcome. These are the ones that make my list:

Known Internationally (at least in some other places)

Ricardo Arjona, singer and songwriter (Grammy International winner)

Carlos “El Pescadito”” Ruiz, Major League Soccer Player (Former MLS MVP)

Miguel Angel Asturias, writer  (Literature Nobel Prize Winner)

Rigoberta Menchu, human rights activist (Peace Nobel Price Winner)

Luis Gonzalez Palma, photographer

Harris Whitbeck, journalist and TV host

Luis Felipe Girón May, opera singer

Hector Sandarti, Mexican TV host

Carlos Peña, singer (Latin American Idol winner)

Ted Hendricks, NFL player

Known mostly in Guatemala

Tecun Uman, official national hero

Abdon Rodriguez Zea, baseball sportscaster

Jaime Vinals, mountaineer

Alvaro Aguilar, songwriter, singer of Alux Nahual

Josue Morales, comic

Celia Recinos, comic

Rafael Hernandez “Velorio”, comic

Efrain Recinos, painter, sculptor, architect

Mateo Flores, runner (Boston Marathon winner)

I guess there are many more, and this list is not of the most important people of Guatemala, although some of they may be, just some names of some famous people.