Alta Verapaz

Located at the north of the country, Alta Verapaz has many great locations. These locations include Semuc Champey, a natual pool with crystal waters; Caves in Lanquín,  Candelaria and Rey Marcos; Natinal parks of Las Victorias and Laguna de Lachuá.

Once a year a half marathon in run in Cobán, Medio Maratón Internacional de Cobán. The half marathon is supported by most people and you have to get reservations early for hotels in that weekend. It is a real party. It is a hard course, and if you need more than a couple of hours to finish, the weather can get nasty, hot and humid. But it is a great event worth being there, even if you do not run.

The municipalities of Alta Verapaz are:

  1. Cahabon
  2. Chahal
  3. Chisec
  4. Coban
  5. Fray Bartolome de las Casas
  6. Lanquín
  7. Panzós
  8. San Cristóbal Verapaz
  9. San Pedro Carchá
  10. Santa Cruz Verapaz
  11. Tactic
  12. Tamahu
  13. Tucuru
  14. San Juan Chamelco
  15. Sehanu
  16. Santa Catalina La Tinta
  17. Raxruha (created february 20th 2008)