Guatemala City

Guatemala City may be one of the most modern cities in Central America, with great restaurants, night clubs, shopping centers, five star hotels, and a little more. It is a big city with a mixture of modern amenities with a little of everything from everywhere, including handraft markets.

  • Some nice museums for grown ups like Ixchel Museum of Indigenous Clothing, Modern Art Museum and Anthropological Museum.
  • Some nice museums for children, like Children Museum, Natural Science, Science and Technology Museum and the Train Museum.
  • La Aurora Zoo
  •  Irtra Petapa
  •  Adventures Parks like Xpark and Kanajuyu
  • Natural parks like Cayala
  • Visit Central Market (Mercado Central) and Handcrafts Market
  • Visit National Palace
  • Visit another sites like Relief Map of Guatemala.
  • Visit another sites close to the city like Lake Amatitlan (not to be confused with Lake Atitlan, maybe the most beautiful of the country)
  • Active night life and Casinos in Zona Viva, where most four and five stars hotels are.
  • Eat at great restaurants.
  • Handcrafts market at Mercado Central (Central Market) or Mercado de Artesanías (Handraft Market)
  • World class shopping at Okland Mall, Miraflores Mall, Portales Mall, Pradera Concepción (outside of city limits, very close)
  • Walk at Paseo Cayala.
  • Go to Antigua Guatemala (less than an hour away)
  • and many more things.