Irtra Hostels

Irtra Hostels are really a series of hotels, bungalows, restaurants, a spa, several themed pools, a mini golf course, a bowling alley, tennis, squash and badminton courts. I guess the name hostel is underrated here, maybe except for Hostel San Martin.

Hostel Palajunoj is composed by several building air-conditioned themed by different areas of the world:

  • Nakuru, an African themed building,
  • Uaxactún, a Mayan themed  building,
  • Papeete, a Polynesian building,
  • Mandalay, a Thai building and
  • Kalimantan an Hindu Building.

Hostel La Ranchería is a group of bungalows that include several rooms, a kitchen, a living room and a dinning room. They are called Mayordomos, Mayordomitos and Caporales.

Hostel Santa Cruz is a Mediterranean style hotel.

Hostel San Martin is a Colonial style hotel, not as nice as the others, and with some rooms without air-conditioned, but nice and clean.

Los Corozos is a spa, but it also includes a restaurant, a bar, a gym, the tennis and squash courts, a bowling alley. It is not separated from the rest of the hotel, but you will need a reservation for some of the services.