Tikal is maybe the most famous place in Guatemala. It is the most important and biggest city of the Mayan World. Tikal means City of Voices. It is located 350 miles north of Guatemala City and 14 miles from the Santa Elena airport. You can get there by plane from México and Guatemala City, and by car or bus thank you to the new road to Petén. You can also drive or take a Taxi from Belize. It was declared by UNESCO a Cultural Heritage of Mankind in 1979. It is also featured in the Star Wars movies.

Tikal is a national park and has many varieties of trees and animals that can be seen all around. It is about 275 square miles and you will need at least two days just to see most of the ruins.


Going to Tikal from Puerto Quetzal

Ok, this is crazy, you take a cruise to the Pacific, and then when you get to a port, you take a flight to some place farther that getting to the Atlantic coast. Even though, it may be one of the best ideas when you are in Guatemala. They are not the biggest Mayan ruins in Guatemala, but until now, they are the most amazing, maybe the most amazing of the Mayan world to visit right now. El Mirador, northern in Peten are bigger and maybe more amazing, but they are very isolated, and not prepared for visitors yet.

For that you have to take a plane, if you drive, it will take you at least 9 hours to get there, and driving like crazy.