Tikal Mayan Ruins

Tikal most important buildings include:

Temple I or Temple of the Great Jaguar

Is the most famous temple in Tikal. Three hundred steps lead to the top. Due to the deterioration of these steps, this temple cannot be climbed anymore. It was build around 700 a.d. It is 150 feet high.

Temple II

The most feature of this temple are the drawings covering the walls of the rooms, some done in the Classic Period, while other were done in the early Postclassical. Like Temple I, it was build around 700 A.D. It is 125 feet high, although it’s original size could have close to 140 feet.

Temple III or Temple of the Jaguar Priest

It’s name comes from a scene portrayed on a lintel within its rooms. It was build in the Late Classic times, around 810 A.D. It is 180 feet high.

Temple IV

At 212 feet, it is one the highest standing ancient New World structure. It was build in 741.

The North Acropolis

It is the mos comlex building found in the Mayan World so far. It was build over old buildings and vestiges of as many as 100 buildings have been found below it.