Drink Coffee

Coffee in Guatemala was never a great deal. You drank it and that was it. But as Starbucks changed the way people drink coffee it’s influence change are culture too. And it was not that Starbucks opened store he, altought they recently did (2011), but people started to hear about Guatemalan coffee, maybe more when traveling outside the country. So people started to try coffee in different ways, a couple of coffee business were started and the rest is history.

So you like Starbucks and have seen Guatemalan coffee from Antigua in their stores, and maybe you are wondering, where can I have a good cup of coffee in Guatemala. My favorite option in Guatemala City and Antigua is “& Café”, this is a local coffee shop chain found everywhere and here you can find consistently good coffee, every time you need one. There is also “Café Barsita”, another great place where you can also have very good gourmet sandwiches and ice cream. There are also a couple of Starbucks, if you can’t live without them, one in Oakland Mall and the other in Pradera Concepción Mall. You can also find McCafé in many McDonalds, that it not so bad. Many fine restaurants and hotels serve good coffee also, I remember specifically Hotel Camino Real and Nais, but there are a lot more.