There are great places to eat in Guatemala City and in many other parts of the country. You can find traditional food restaurants, steakhouses, italian and international food restaurants. Usually prices are high in upscale restaurants, but you will usually would not end up dissatisfied.

Some of my favorites are:

Jake’s: International food, expensive, but great food. In Guatemala City.

Tre Fratelli: Italian restaurants, very popular, great food, great athmosphere, good price.In Guatemala City, Antigua Guatemala

Hacienda Real: Steakhouses, great food, decent price, nice enviroment. In Guatemala City, Tecpán.

La Fonda de la Calle Real: Traditional Guatemalan food, very nice place, decent price, good food. In Antigua Guatemala.

Frida’s: Mexican Food, nice athmospere, good price, great food. In Antigua, Guatemala City

Kloster’s: Melted Cheese, swiss style. Great Food, expensive, peculiar place. In Guatemala City.

Circus Bar: Pizza, great food, bizzare place, but very nice. In Panajachel, Guatemala City.

Vesuvio: Pizza, great pizza, the place is not really very nice, but I like it. Good price.