Tomorrow we have a new president, is it the beginning of the “New Era”?

I am not usually very excited about this kind of news, but I believe tomorrow is a very important day for Guatemala. Alvaro Colom Caballeros is leaving the presidency,  as the worst president of the democratic era of Guatemala, maybe even the worst ever. The new comer is a former general of the armed forces, and definitively not the one I rooted for, but at this moment it seems to be doing things the right way (taking into account he is not in office yet).

Fmr. General Otto Pérez Molina will face many challenges, receiving the country with many problems, but we hope he can change some thing around, as for now, it has many people believing things can get a little better, including myself. Don’t get me wrong, I believe Guatemala is a country full of opportunities, with the best resources in the region, I also believe is a one of the best places to travel everywhere, but sometimes a government can make many things a little harder, now is time to close the door to what is left behind, and start a New Era, could it be related with the 2012 stories, hey maybe this all of what the Maya predicted, after all the Mayan region was centered in Guatemala, and most cities were here.

Good luck President Pérez.

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow we have a new president, is it the beginning of the “New Era”?

  1. Hi, I’d be interested in hearing how things are going in your opinion, three months out. Not a lot of time, I realize, but do you think he’s on the right track? I was there in early February and it was too soon to tell. Interested to read, though, his idea about legalizing drugs. Unfortuantely it can’t work unless the US follows suit . . . but we’re not that progressive any more., legalizing is to logical and drug companies have too much $ to lose.


    • Well, aftter the first 100 days I would say, like about 80% of the people in the country, I feel confident on the job the president is doing. Much more than I anticipated. Of course you can see still see posible signs of corruption, but in general things seem to be going to good way.

      The theme of drugs has been very interesting, I guess bringing the theme to the table is a big step forward. Legalizing drugs is an alternative, at first inconcevible, but now, I believe everyone is taking about, contrary to the first opinion of the US government. And I think the reason to bring the alterenative up front is good, because it can open the opportunity, to look for something new, maybe it will not as radical as make drugs legal, but it will not continue a war that has already been lost.

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