“Winter” is officially here!

In Guatemala, we threat weather in a very different way than almost everywhere in the world. We call ourselves the country of Eternal Spring, although if you ask anyone when spring is, they will tell, there is no spring in Guatemala. As you may have heard, here we have Verano (it literary translates to Summer, but it has a different meaning) and Invierno (Winter, more different than Summer).

Verano is from November to April (but it can change, depending on the weather) is when there is no rain, December, January and February are the “colder” months of the year, but in most places temperatures will not get below 12 C (50 F) during the coldest time of the day, early in the morning.

Invierno is from May to October, or while the rain lasts. There is no official date, and rain, if is not much, cannot be considered as the begining of the season.

But in what season snow falls? Technically in summer, but truth is, there is no snow here, except for the occasional, once every ten of fifteen years, that someone says it snowed, and even then, most of the times is just a little ice, as we cannot differentiate snow from anything similar.

So as the rains have started to fall very frequently by now, you can say, that winter has officially begun.

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