Paseo Cayalá by Night

Paseo Cayalá in Zona 16, Guatemala City is a new shopping center, offices and apartment buidling concept. It is a great place but you cannot find many picutres of it. Not having a camera on hand every time I visit, I was unable to post many picture either. Tonight a visited for a while and took some pictures, not by best I believe, because it was dark, I had no tripod, but here they are. It is a very nice place and I really hope they do great. Enjoy the pictures, and I will go again better prepared so you can see it better.

2 thoughts on “Paseo Cayalá by Night

  1. al poder ver estas fotos me pongo muy contenta, porque el dia de mañana 26 de abril voy a viajar hacia aya vivo bien lejos de ahi y por eso estoy emocionada

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