Year 2012, end of the world or the beginning of a new era?

Let me start with I hope you have a great year 2012. I hope you had a very good Christmas or very good holidays.

So what is this about the end of the world in 2012, and it is true that the Mayan people predicted that this will be the end of the world. I guess I am a little skeptic about this issue, the Mayan Civilization missed the end of their great culture by more than 700 years, because of what I have learned the great Mayan Civilization ended around year 1,300 BC[1], when the Spanish came to America the world of the Maya had already ended. Besides, I believe they do not the beginning of the world correct either, so why would the end be correct.

But besides that, year 2012 is a great year to come to Guatemala, you can come here and visit the places like Tikal, El Mirador or many other Mayan places where the story began, and as part of the visit you can come here and enjoy some of the adventures of your bucket list that you may be missing, like help poeple with needs, river rafting, scuba diving, go to an active volcano, mountain climbing, learn spanish or another of the languages spoken in Guatemala, live in a mountain, go insade cavern, you name it!

I found this page looking in the Internet and it looks like a great way to get to know Guatemala, like little people do, including myself. Have yet to find references of the quality of the stay with them, but it looks good.

So Guatemala may be the best place to start a New Era in your life.

Have a Great 2012!

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