Departments of Guatemala

Guatemala is divided in 22 geographic entities called departments. Each department has a capital, and divided into municipalities.

Guatemala is divided in 22 Departamentos, these departments are somewhat equivalent to states in the U.S. and to provinces in Canada, although it’s government administration is very linked with Guatemala City. These departments are divided in Municipalities. There are a total of 334 Municipalities, the newest Las Cruces in Department of El Peten was created on November, 2011.

These Departments are:


Alta Verapaz Jalapa
Baja Verapaz Jutiapa
Chimaltenango Quetzaltenango
Chiquimula Retalhuleu
El Petén Sacatepéquez
El Progreso San Marcos
El Quiché Santa Rosa
Escuintla Sololá
Guatemala Suchitepéquez
Huehuetenango Totonicapán
Izabal Zacapa

Guatemala Map